Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Missing Home

Well, I am three weeks into my new weekly Dallas routine and I have to say I have never enjoyed being at work so much. That is when my mind is so busy I forget that I am away from home until the end of the day as I walk towards the rental car and I am reminded that I am not in California. It is one of the saddest parts of my day. Instead of making the one hour commute from Fontana to Orange County I am driving back to my wifeless apartment dreading going to bed with out Devon snuggled on my chest. That is when I am definitely the saddest.
It has been hard to adjust to this temporary new life style for both Devon and I, but I remind myself how excited we will be on that Thursday evening when she picks me up from the airport and we get to so excited it feels like our Honeymoon all over again! One of the best moments of my week is when I unpack my last pair of socks - I know today I am coming home to my beautiful wife!
Work has definitely picked up this week and it is exciting to be privileged to have this amazing opportunity. I am learning so much and at the same time educating others to our type of business. With the economy and job market the way it currently is, I just am thankful to have this amazing chance to better further my career. One of my biggest fears going into this was feeling like I had to gain the respect of others due to my age, but I have to say thus far it has not been a factor at all.
I am looking forward to coming home this weekend and having fun in the warm sun (it has been cold in Dallas this week) with Devon and visiting with Jeremy in San Diego.
Home sweet home!


  1. How sweet. You express yourself so well and creatively. I am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself there. Keeping busy is the key to making the time go faster. Night time always is the loneliest, but thank goodness for modern technology. Speaking of that....Hayley and I waited for you on Skype each evening to get that virtual tour...next week?? Have a great weekend and say hi to Jeremy.

  2. Mike, you have a very capable presence about you, I am not surprised that your age hasn't been a factor. I hope you get to enjoy your time together with Devon, it is hard to be apart! It's nice to see how you are doing, via blog! Take care!

  3. I'm glad you at least get to see each other each week. I can relate to missing your spouse. It is awesome to see all that you have and are still accomplishing. Hope your weekend goes by slow!

  4. Hey Mike!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY on March 5th!!